How It Works

Our online event registration platform allows you to create events, create different classes of tickets and manage your events ans its sales in one place. It's suitable for any kind of event, big or small. Register easily and enjoy all the premium features.

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Create and Host Events
Create, organize and manage events
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Purchase the tickets and participate
Earn Royalty
Get royalty on each resells
How To Sell Tickets Online?

Quick and Easy Signup

FungibleTicket have a very easy signup for one who wants to host the events. Sigup is simple process with only few details to be submitted. You have to verify your email address to complete the registration process.


Create Your Events

Once you have signup as an organiser, you can easily create your first event. The event creation is a few step process and in each step we collect the information that to be presented with your event attendees. Each step includes proper guidelines and help so that you can easily create your event to host it with FungibleTicket. You can create different classes of tickets, so that your can serve your customers with different budget ranges.


Share the Tickets with Potential Customers

You can share the tickets with potential customers and also can invite and share with new users so that they can join with FungibleTicket and claim the received tickets to participate with that event.


Events Made Easy Management

Manage your event easily, useful for managing the entry to your event, as well as monitoring sales in real time very easily. You can easily manage and track the sales of event tickets and thus by analyse the statistics and earnings.

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