FungibleTicket allows you to create and sell tickets for your event and manage all of the data associated with your events. It's the perfect platform to help you manage your events efficiently.

Quick and Easy Sign-Up

FungibleTicket have a very easy signup procedures. You can easily signup either as an event organiser who host various events or as a normal user who wish to attend the events. Both users have a very simple signup form. You have to verify your email address to complete the registration process.

Unlimited Classes of Tickets

Create different classes of unlimited tickets for your events. You can set different prices for each classes of tickets. You can create new event classes even if the event is active and tickets sold on high demand. You can select the ticket prices according to your customer's demand. Customers can choose tickets as per their budget.

Extra Earnings by Royalty Fee

FungibleTicket allows you to earn extra as royalty fee. The event organiser can earn more by allowing his event ticket buyers to resell the ticket with more price. By reselling the tickets the organiser will receive some extra earnings as royalty from the resell price. The royalty percentage can be configured at the time of creation of that ticket class.

Discover Events on Your Taste

FungibleTicket allows you find your events based on your taste and likes. You have presented a very attractive search tool to reach to the events based on your wish. There a very attractive event listing pages that allow you to filter the events by search keywords or by location. You can also filter the events by days as you prefers like filter by today,tomorrow, weekends, this week, next week and this month.

Google Map Integration

Your event's venue location will be shown to the attendees or users on their digital maps for easy arrival at the venue location. This will be very helpful to the attendees to reach the destination very easily.

Resell The tickets with Better price

FungibleTicket allows the buyer to resell the tickets with some extra price. This will allow the user to sell the tickets and earn more by reselling the tickets.

Booking Countdown Timer

FungibleTicket offers an attractive countdown timer which is a attractive tool for selling your tickets. The timer presents the booking end time for attendees who wish to purchase the tickets .

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