Blockchain Backed, Affordable and Powerful Event Booking and Ticket Sales Platform.

FungibleTicket is a blockchain based, event booking platform that allows event hosts to create and distribute fungible tickets for their event to their potential clients/audience. FungibleTicket is an affordable, easy to use platform.

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Why FungibleTicket?

Easy Event Registration and Management
FungibleTicket allows event hosts to easily register, manage and sell tickets for their planned events. Hosts may create multiple classes of tickets and easily distribute them to their customers. Users may easily search and find various events and may book the tickets.
Ticket Reselling
Ticket holders may, if they want to resell their tickets to other users on a premium price using a secondary market feature. The event owners get a royalty fee (configurable by the event host/organiser) for tickets being resold on premium prices.
Blockchain Backed and Verifiable
FungibleTicket platform provides additional features to allow certain info related to the ticketing system connected to a blockchain network, which allows general users of the platform to verify the authenticity of the tickets being sold using blockchain backed technologies.
Cost Effective
Low cost solution for event ticket management and marketing
Secure event management environment, which is easily manageable too.
Blockchain based fungibility concepts are integrated in the platform to treat the tickets within a class as fungible and transferable within the platform.

Host Your Events with FungibleTicket

FungibleTicket allows you to create and host your events easily and conveniently. You can easily create your events using the platform within minutes and can create various classes of tickets in different pricing categories as you may need. FungibleTicket also allows you to validate the user produced ticket at the event gate.

Royalty for Hosts Upon Ticket Reselling

FungibleTicket allows ticket holders to resell their ticket in a secondary marketplace, within the platform, at a premium price if they want to. The event host may configure a royalty percentage to be sent to the host himself, in the event of such reselling by a ticket holder.

Validate Event Tickets Easily

At the event venue, you can validate the ownership as well as the time authenticity of the used produced ticket very easily using our platform. For additional security, the ticket validation request may also be checked against the data in the blockchain to see whether the ticket is pre-registered in the blockchain.

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Organizing events with FungibleTicket gives you access to flexible event ticket marketing tools and easily manage access to your events.

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